Our Community Performance Partners

Being an active part of the Lancaster arts community is important to us at The Trust, which is why we regularly partner with local theater groups, art galleries, and other groups to host events at The Trust.

lancaster bible college logo

Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster Bible College was founded in downtown Lancaster in 1933. LBC debuted The Trust Performing Arts Center in April 2013, and represents a return to the college’s city roots. In so doing, LBC takes advantage of an opportunity to join the Lancaster arts renaissance of the past decade, contributing to the arts and educational vibrancy that now defines Lancaster.

square halo gallery logo

Square Halo Gallery

Square Halo Gallery is a space in downtown Lancaster for contemporary art inspired by the Christian faith. The gallery resides on the first floor of The Trust Performing Arts Center.

the row house logo

The Row House

The Row House Forum engages current culture with ancient faith through gatherings, talks, and social media in the city of Lancaster. Founded by Tom Becker in 2010, the Forums often make use of local experts and practitioners on a wide range of topics. Events are geared toward a public audience and are centered on Christian conviction. The Row House welcomes all to enter a conversation on the critical issues of the day in an atmosphere that is intimate, hospitable, civil, and creative.

Durang Dance Collective

Durang Dance Collective

Durang Dance Collective uses dance to entertain and educate and provides budding choreographers the opportunity to develop and showcase their work.